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Estrella ENT offers tonsillectomy as part of our ENT services at our Goodyear, Arizona offices. The tonsils are glands that are located at the back of the throat. The glands are a defense against infection but are also susceptible to infection and inflammation.

Tonsillitis is a relatively common condition that results in inflammation of the tonsils, a persistent cough and chronic throat pain as the result of an infection. If you frequently suffer from these symptoms, Estrella ENT may recommend removing the tonsils. Other symptoms may include inflamed glands in the neck, a fever, choking or difficulty swallowing. A self-examination of the tonsils may also identify pale or yellow spots on the tonsils.

Suitable Candidates

A tonsillectomy procedure is usually performed during childhood. However, it is not unusual for patients to experience issues with the tonsils in adulthood. The treatment is typically recommended for chronic or persistent cases of tonsillitis or similar conditions.

Not all issues relating to the tonsils are caused by infection. It is important to seek diagnosis if you have suffered from strep throat or tonsillitis symptoms several times during a period of 12 months. Some of the issues that warrant diagnosis and treatment include:

  • Breathing issues due to inflamed tonsils
  • Snoring problems
  • Sleep apnea (breathing disruption while sleeping)
  • Bleeding tonsils
  • Tonsil or throat cancer

Whether tonsil problems are causing severe discomfort and pain or your symptoms are mild, it is worth consulting with an ENT specialist. Our team can determine the underlying cause and provide effective treatment. Your quality of life will improve with an individualized treatment plan at our Arizona offices.

Contact Estrella ENT today to discuss consultation and treatment options. Our team is committed to ensuring patients find relief from conditions such as chronic tonsillitis. We are a family-friendly practice that is fully equipped to provide treatment for patients of all ages.

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