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Treatment Options for Chronic Sinus Problems

The first step in treating sinus problems is diagnosing the underlying problem. Sinusitis is a common condition that is usually the cause of airflow problems through the nose. Sufferers may suffer sinusitis once in a lifetime or multiple times throughout the same year. In the case of the latter, the condition becomes a chronic sinus problem.

Once the problem is diagnosed, treatments like balloon sinuplasty can provide effective relief. This minimally invasive procedure is performed as an outpatient appointment at Estrella ENT in Arizona. Our doctors take the time to assess each patient and provide tailored treatment options. It is important to our nose, ear and throat specialists that you benefit from specialist care for chronic sinus problems.

Restoring the flow of air through the sinuses will significantly improve your ability to breathe. Even seemingly mild issues can lead to significant health problems. How effectively you take in oxygen impacts the function of the heart and other organs. Estrella ENT can help you get to the bottom of your nasal breathing issues and provide treatment solutions.

Restore Breathing Through Your Nose

Do you want a cost-effective option for treating nasal breathing problems? One of the benefits of treatments, like balloon sinuplasty, is that you are covered by the majority of insurance plans. Medicare and most Medicare replacement plans will also cover your treatment, so long as all of the criteria is met. If you are concerned about out-of-pocket costs, our admin team at Estrella ENT can help you work out whether or not you will have anything to pay at all.

While a number of ear, nose and throat doctors offer treatments like balloon sinuplasty, Estrella ENT offers much more. Our team of medical professionals draws from extensive knowledge of nasal anatomy to offer patients a unique treatment experience.

Contact Estrella ENT today for solutions to chronic sinus problems. We can provide treatment options that work for most patients.

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