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Female doctor applying hearing aid to senior woman's ear

Hearing Aids

We are proud to offer the services and expertise of Kevin Kristalovich, AuD, CCC-A along with Tania Edwards, AuD, CCC-A. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Kristalovich and Dr. Edwards provide comprehensive clinical hearing and balance tests. By working in tandem with Dr. Wiggenhorn, the otolaryngology/audiology team helps to ensure that all treatment options are thoroughly explored in an effort to maximize your quality of life. Our audiology team services both pediatric and adult patients.

Hearing Aids

Whether hearing aids are new to you or familiar companions, there’s great news. Ever-advancing technology has created not just new comfort and cleaner sound, but virtual invisibility — and lower cost! These include:

  • Open ear technology — Restores hearing without the feeling of a device in the ear canal. It is tremendously more comfortable and typically provides superior sound.
  • Wireless communication — New hearing aids communicate in much the same way that your two ears and brain work together. You get vastly improved sound while the tiny components result in ultimate comfort.
  • Bluetooth® — Now you can even use your cell phone and television together with certain hearing aids. The new technology combines them with Bluetooth, so you can answer the phone and watch television through both ears.
  • Designer styles — Hearing aids have even become fashion statements — some of them offer a choice of designer shades to match your hair color, skin color and style.

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