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Tolleson Balloon Sinuplasty

Breathing problems from a viral infection should not persist beyond 2-3 weeks. If you are still finding it difficult to breathe and the situation is getting you down, you may need to seek a more permanent solution. Estrella ENT offers a treatment option known as a balloon sinuplasty that is covered by most insurance plans. This outpatient procedure is carried out in our Arizona offices, which are convenient for patients traveling from Tolleson.

Sinusitis causes the lining of the sinuses to become inflamed and is typically the result of a viral infection. Many Americans suffer from prolonged symptoms of sinusitis, which often persist so long that one viral infection feels like it bleeds into the next. For sufferers, that means constant misery from the symptoms associated with sinusitis. If you experience frequent sinus headaches, facial tenderness or toothaches after a cold or flu, Estrella ENT can help.

Breathe Easier with Treatment from Estrella ENT

In most cases, medications will help to ease the symptoms of sinusitis for Tolleson patients. However, you may need to pursue a more permanent solution if your symptoms refuse to let up after 2-3 weeks. A balloon sinuplasty provides patients with an alternative treatment option that doesn’t require surgery.

You can breathe easier with a quick, painless and cost-effective procedure at our Estrella ENT offices near Tolleson. Balloon sinuplasty is covered by the vast majority of insurance plans, making it accessible to most patients without payment concerns. If you are one of the over 26 million Americans who suffer from sinusitis, Estrella ENT is committed to helping you find relief.

Contact our offices today if you live in Tolleson and need relief from breathing problems. A balloon sinuplasty could be the answer. You won’t have to worry about recovery and downtime, making it the ideal procedure for patients with busy lifestyles.

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