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Tempe Balloon Sinuplasty

Do you have questions about breathing problems in Tempe, Arizona? For many patients at Estrella ENT, a balloon sinuplasty is the solution to poor flow through the sinuses into the nose. If you have been using medications to improve breathing after a viral infection to no avail, we may be able to help.

In many cases, breathing problems result from a condition known as chronic sinusitis. When the sinuses become inflamed, the normal process of mucus draining into the nose is impeded. A minimally invasive procedure, known as a balloon sinuplasty, may resolve the issue.

Ensuring patient comfort and ongoing good health is all part of the package at Estrella ENT. Education is an integral element of the service that we provide. If you are having chronic breathing issues, discussing treatment options with the team at Estrella ENT could help to significantly improve your quality of life.

Restored Breathing

Breathing easily is something that most Tempe, Arizona, residents take for granted. However, for some, the ability to breathe is impeded by chronic sinus problems, such as sinusitis. Not only are such conditions frustrating, but there is also the potential for more serious health problems to develop. The symptoms of sinusitis may include a blocked nose, sinus headaches and facial pain. However, any impediment to breathing that persists should be investigated by a relevant medical professional.

An ear, nose and throat doctor with the right experience and approach can provide effective solutions for a range of breathing problems, including sinusitis. A balloon sinuplasty is covered by the majority of insurance plans, while also offering a convenient and pain-free treatment option to address sinusitis.

Contact Estrella ENT if you have breathing problems in Tempe, Arizona. We are committed to helping you achieve your long term health goals with effective treatments you can afford.

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