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Surprise Balloon Sinuplasty

Are you curious to learn more about a balloon sinuplasty in Surprise, Arizona? When breathing is difficult, a chronic case of sinusitis is often the underlying cause. The condition results in inflammation in the lining of the sinuses and is most commonly associated with viral infections, such as the cold or flu.

Some patients at Estrella ENT suffer from persistent breathing problems that cannot be effectively treated with medication and require a longer-lasting solution. A balloon sinuplasty can transform the way you breathe. Restoring flow through the sinuses is achieved with a simple in-office procedure that is minimally invasive and pain-free.

Your comfort and best interests are important to the team at Estrella ENT. We provide additional care and education as part of our commitment to ensuring that every patient gets the most from every treatment. If you have any concerns about procedures, like balloon sinuplasty, our offices are only a phone call away.

Restoring Airflow through the Nose

Most of the sinuses drain into the nose as long as the flow of mucus is not impeded by inflammation or genetic abnormalities. If you find it difficult to breathe easily through the nose, a sinus problem may be the underlying cause. Patients traveling from Surprise, Arizona, can benefit from a cost-effective procedure known as a balloon sinuplasty that is carried out at the offices of Estrella ENT.

The procedure is pain-free and is covered by most insurance policies. Out of pocket costs vary, but most patients will not need to pay anything outside of insurance coverage. If you experience episodes of inflamed sinuses that last more than a few weeks each year, balloon sinuplasty may provide you with the relief that you need.

Contact Estrella ENT if you are suffering from breathing problems and need effective relief. We are committed to providing treatment solutions and aftercare through patient education.

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