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Glendale Balloon Sinuplasty

Why am I constantly having breathing problems? That is the question often on the lips of patients who contact Estrella ENT. For millions of Americans, susceptibility to chronic sinusitis is all too real. Headaches, a stuffed up nose and even a toothache are just some of the symptoms that can make life miserable for the sufferer. When medications are not doing any good, our team is here to provide effective relief.

We understand that what you are suffering from is not a mild condition. It is a huge detriment to your life when air flow through the sinuses is disrupted. At Estrella ENT, we place an additional focus on providing education that can help you achieve longer-lasting relief. What you are experiencing is a potentially chronic condition that is no less deserving of individualized attention than any other debilitating health problem.

Living with Poor Breathing

Are you living with poor breathing and relying on over-the-counter medications just to get through each day? If you have not yet been diagnosed with a breathing condition, it is important to seek advice from an ear, nose and throat specialist when symptoms persist. There are several reasons that sinusitis may occur, which is why Estrella ENT tailors treatment and education to each patient’s needs.

Do you have insurance coverage concerns related to treatment for breathing issues? If so, you are not alone. Many Glendale residents would rather suffer in silence than seek effective treatment for conditions like sinusitis. Insurance coverage concerns play a major role in the indecision surrounding this issue. However, the stigma of having a supposedly mild condition treated by a doctor is also a matter for consideration.

Balloon sinuplasty is covered by most insurance plans, Medicare and the majority of Medicare replacement plans. If you need a cost-effective remedy for your poor air flow through the sinuses, speak to Estrella ENT today.

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